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APRILAIRE-200 Replacement Filter

APRILAIRE 201 replaced the pleated air conditioning filter from the original APRILAIRE-200 with a newer version that has many useful benefits. The new one has a multi-point release mechanism that offers improved reliability and ease of installation. The material it is made of is durable and can be used in high-traffic areas where breakage or failure of an air conditioning unit might be common. It has the same performance as the original (A/C) filter.

Aprilaire 201 Replacement Filter

APRILAIRE-200 has been replaced with APRILAIRE-202, which has a dual release mechanism. The material used is the same as the original A/C filter, the only difference is that this material is double walled. The design allows for easy installation, with the dual material panel sliding into place over the current pleated material. This eliminates the need for any modification of the existing air conditioning system. Eventually, this single filter will help to trap and filter allergens which could make persons suffering from asthma and allergies more susceptible to respiratory infections.

The APRILAIRE-202 is an effective and durable filter which is ideal for high-traffic areas. It also has excellent air filtering properties. It is available in three different sizes to cater to the varying requirements of different types of air conditioning systems. One of its most advantageous features is that it does not catch dirt or debris on the surface of the unit. It also functions properly when attached to a refrigerant return line, reducing condensation to a minimum.

The replacement filter for the APRILAIRE-200 is available in four colors to give it a stylish and refined look. It comes pre-oiled, making installation easy and simple. It fits neatly into the crevice located behind the front door of the air conditioning unit. Cleaning it is as simple as replacing the front cover with a new one. No extra efforts are required because all dirt and debris is caught within the pre-oiled layer.

The installation instructions come with the product. They also offer a guarantee that the unit will last for at least five years. The filter can be easily removed without damaging the unit. This leaves no room for moisture or other contaminants to seep into the air circulating system of the cooling appliance.

Another advantage of the APRILAIRE-200 filter is that it allows greater airflow through the front side of the air conditioning unit. Some units are fitted with tiny holes which prevent air from passing. With the APRILAIRE-200 filter, the entire airway is unobstructed so air can pass unobstructed through the filter. This ensures that the humid air inside the conditioning unit is properly circulated.

The electronic controls of the air conditioner can be operated with ease using this filter. Just remove the filter and set it in the position required by the system. A constant supply of fresh air is made without having to switch on the compressor. Most electronic devices require regular servicing to ensure they operate at optimum performance. The filters offered by APRILAIRE-200 are compatible with most electronic cooling units.

You should not have any problem using the filter supplied by APRILAIRE-200 with your electronic device. The filter is guaranteed to improve the performance and efficiency of your air conditioning unit. This filter is available at an affordable price. Do not hesitate in investing in this product and enjoy the comfortable cool air your unit provides.

You can be assured of excellent quality and lasting performance of the air conditioning unit as long as you use APRILAIRE-200 filter. The filter has been designed to match the contour and size of your air conditioning unit perfectly. It is also very easy to clean and ensure optimum performance. Once the filter is removed, it can be cleaned using normal household solutions. The cleaned filter should then be replaced into the air conditioning unit. There will be no need to replace air filters as often as other types of filters.

You can also save a lot of money if you purchase APRILAIRE-200 with a few year warranty. This means that if the first year of the warranty is expired, you do not need to pay for another year’s warranty. This can significantly reduce the initial outlay, making the purchase more cost effective in the long run. The warranty does not cover the filter against any damage or abrasions. However, the condition of the filter will be noted and any repairs can be made by the manufacturer of the filter, APRILAIRE-200.

Another great feature of APRILAIRE-200 filter is that it can be used to replace any type of filter in any type of air conditioning unit. It is a universal fit, meaning that it will fit most types of filters, regardless of the brand or make. The filter can be used to effectively clean all incoming air to ensure maximum comfort in your home. You will have peace of mind knowing that your family is breathing the best quality air in the comfort of your own home.

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