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Step2 Fantasy Vanity Playsets Is Perfect For Your Home

Step2 Fantasy Vanity is a high end beauty equipment store that caters to the desires of busy moms and young at heart. This luxurious vanity adds instant glamour to even young preteens. High quality, shatterproof, washable plastic mirror with flip-up light. Molded-in revolving storage compartments for all make-up and styling accessories. Features include:

Step2 Fantasy Vanity playset includes: a vanity table, five drawers, two mirrors, and two chair legs. The vanity table is made of the highest quality and includes accent pillows in mahogany and cherry. It has a black powder coated finish and can be used as an accent stool.

Dresser playset: This elegant dresser has an Italian laminate finish and is embellished with crystal leaves and a gold frame. The upper portion of the dresser doubles as a mirror. The dresser matches the vanity top in color scheme and style. The interior of the dresser is lined with coordinating upholstery material.

vanity set: The vanity set comes with a satin nickel drawstring dresser and matching stool. The complete set comes with shaker, marble, and chrome accents. The vanity set includes a brown marble dust ruffle. It also includes a small bronze dust ruffle. It is decorated with gold trim and has a matching stool.

vanity set: The vanity playset comes with a beautiful crystal bridal dresser and matching bathroom stool. The vanity is made of high quality materials including antique silver. It has a high gloss finish and a shatterproof plastic mirror. It matches the vanity top in color scheme and style.

working light: This high-quality, high-gloss, and sturdy matching stool and working lights are perfect for the day. They can be used for any occasion or special event. It can add character to a room with its modern design and complimentary colors.

dressing table set: The vanity playset and matching dresser and writing desk set comes with a modern looking bar stool and an attractive writing desk. The stools have a classic and stylish design. It is made of high quality materials including antique silver. It is decorated with a high gloss finish and a high-quality shatterproof mirror.

vanity set: The vanity sets are perfect for a contemporary home setting. The modern-looking stools and the matching vanity playset came with a bar stool, a writing desk, and a beautiful mirror. It has a strong and stylish design that is practical. It’s perfect for a room with minimal storage options.

vanity set: The vanity set is perfect for a modern home. This set includes a beautiful table and stools. It also includes a high-quality two-piece accessory set including a writing desk and a bar stool. It has an elegant and sophisticated design. It also has molded storage compartments.

vanity chair: The Step2 Fantasy Vanity Chair is a luxurious recliner. This recliner is made from durable and thick cushioning material. The high-quality, high-gloss, and sturdy matching stool and desk set comes with a high-gloss, ultra white, smooth hand mirror. It also includes a molded storage compartment. The armrest is padded for maximum comfort and safety.

vanity playset: The Step2 Fantasy Vanity Playset is a fun playhouse for your little girl. It is made from hardwood and designed to look like a miniature dollhouse. It has a 3-piece accessory set including a large mirror, a large hairbrush handle, and molded-in storage compartments. This convenient play set also has a battery powered, rechargeable, and bright LED light automatically turns on when the power is turned on.

Step 2 High quality luxury! Step2 Fantasy Facial Cleanser is a deep facial cleanser complete with exfoliating pads. This cleanser features a unique rechargeable LED light that turns on with the motion of your hands to ensure that you get the most cleansing power every time. The exterior of the stainless steel unit is textured to provide a satin finish. There are eight scrubbing pad compartments, which are removable so you can wash the cleanser by hand or with the included washcloth and mop. This Step2 Fantasy Facial Cleanser features an adjustable, fold-up shoulder pad, a washcloth, and two bottle holders.

Step 2 Twilight Vanity: An adorable vanity stool is included along with this set! This three-foot vanity stool has sleek modern lines and a soft, comfortable seating. It features a low, sloped pedestal, made from black metal that is finished in a rich black frame. The three-foot tall vanity also features a side table and an included plant. This three-foot vanity also features a detachable dual LED flashlight and built-in rechargeable AA batteries. When it comes to style, this modern vanity stools put them all in one place!

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