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How to Build A Bird House – Steps For Beginners

Why Build A Bird House? There are such a vast number of different nest box designs to choose from. They also come in all different materials and sizes. But let us consider for a moment why should you build a bird house, and what possible hope to achieve. Increase Your Target Bird Species to your Property.

If you build a bird house using wood as the main material it will provide a warm, safe place for your aviary visitors to nest. A Log bird home can provide shelter from the sun and rain for up to twenty years if it is properly protected and maintained. You can build a log cabin out of just about any kind of wood. Some species of birds prefer bigger bird houses that reach up forty feet or more.

The size of the bird house you build depends on how many species you want to attract to your property. The larger the birdhouse the more birds you will be able to attract. When choosing your materials to select a sturdy, heavy-duty wood such as redwood, cedar or hemlock. Be sure to use enough interior finishing nails to make sure the wood doesn’t split after the first few years. The finishing nails will keep the wood boards from falling apart after the first few years.

One popular choice for nesting material is small diameter hardwood pegs cut to the proper size. These small metal pieces are great for attracting certain birds, like martins, that need a small space to nest and/or build their nests. Pinch them together tightly with two finishing nails, then screw the two screws into the bottom and side of the hole. Make sure the holes are large enough for the birds to enter but small enough for you to remove the plugs easily without disturbing the birds.

To find out what size birdhouses will attract the kinds of birds you want to attract measure the inside of your house with a tape measure and take a pencil and paper. Mark the inside of your home from ceiling to floor. Next, measure the outside perimeter of your property. For example, if your house has a rectangular shape, measure how much more or less than an inch is from one corner to another. You can also mark the outside of the home from one inch to 7 inches outside the corners and from one inch to three inches outside the perimeter.

If you don’t have any birds in your area or if you’re trying to raise a particular kind of bird, it’s probably because you haven’t built a nest log yet. When building a nest log, it’s important to remember two things: size and location. When determining the size of the nest log, always keep in mind the birds that will be nesting inside. For example, if you’re raising finches, which are small birds, you don’t need to build a large nest log, but you might want a few smaller nests, spaced evenly along the outside of your yard.

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