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Sierra MP 41000 Ignition Switch – High Quality At Low Cost

The Sierra MP41000 ignition switch is the latest from Sierra. This is a high performance ignition switch that features a dual voltage drive system for the purpose of completing ignition in an electric vehicle. This makes it different from most ignitions in that there is a secondary, three-phase drive that provides ignition on both sides of the key switch.

The Sierra MP41000 Ignition Switches comes with a fully insulated dual conductor switch with fully insulated dual terminal cover. It is rated at fifteen amps using a two-stage drive and comes with a three year warranty. The product features a two prong protection design and is a one piece design. This makes it easy to install and also eliminates the need for wiring through the use of an adapter or screw in plug.

One of the unique features of the Sierra MP 41000 ignition switch rated at thirty amps is that it can operate even when the power is off. This means that even in the event of a power failure, the vehicle will continue to work. In addition, the switch does not require any type of internal wiring. Once installed, the assembly simply clicks into place making it very secure and functional. There is no need for a center cap or wire harness which allows it to be placed in any location that is flat and accessible.

This ignition switch has several benefits when compared to the others on the market. For starters, it features push-to-choke technology which allows the switch to detect when the car key is in a slightly open position, thereby activating the ignition. Furthermore, the ignition switch features maximum corrosion protection, ensuring that the device is completely protected against electrical leaks. Furthermore, the switch does not require any type of internal wiring. This means that it is easy to install and removes with one hand, saving time and effort.

The Sierra MP 41000 push-to-choke ignition switch has a variable speed sensing circuit. It uses a spring-loaded mechanism to activate when a light is activated. If a lighter is held down before the switch is fully deployed, the switch will not function. The switch features an eight-hour startup time and fifteen hour on/off switch life. It also has an automatic shut-off feature. When the vehicle is in motion, the switch can be manually pressed to engage the engine and then released to prevent the start up of the engine.

The MP 41000 has the following benefits. With a fifteen amp starting capacity, this product can run multiple applications at the same time. It provides users with an extended operating time with a high degree of reliability. When it comes to safety, it features a maximum circuit breaker rating of 20 amps which is one of the highest ratings available. When the device is installed in a factory approved manner, it can be counted on to function effectively.

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