Memories Sonnet

Memories Sonnet

The Memories Sonnet line is a wonderful collection of decorative house hold items, mostly designed to support family interaction and outdoor living. This collection includes large Weather Chimes in hand woven basketry, weatherproofed with the same cedar wood as the rest of the items in the line. Hand painted with the same imagery as the original, each one of these small hand painted windchimes can be hung outdoors or incorporated into any outdoor area such as a backyard or porch. All items come in a black, white, and red color scheme printed on the canvas with a tag that says Memories Sonnet.

The Weather Channel logo on the canvas is extremely detailed. Each piece in the series is unique due to the unique weaving process used. Each chime is crafted using the finest quality materials. These include high quality yarns, durable polyester, and premium cotton. All pieces come prewashed and cleaned. They are then hand-dyed with a special blend of herbs to provide the best sound and appearance.

The first two items in the Memories Sonnet collection are an assortment of weatherproofed, woven baskets. The baskets have a light blue color with a gold stripe. They feature a satin edging and a cushioned handle. Both of these can be found in a black, white, and red color scheme. They also come equipped with a carrying case for easy storage and transportation.

The next item in the Memories Sonnet line is the Weather Channel hanging basket. This piece is in a plaid pattern and features three different colors of satin ribbon tied together at the center of the basket. It also features a silver metal chain and a weatherproof black zipper pull.

Then there are four very reasonably priced quilted gift baskets that come in red and cream. These are just a few of the many wonderful bakeries that are available in the Memories Sonnet collection. Each of the four items is available in a red or cream color and made from different materials. These are perfect for use as centerpiece pieces or mini replicas of existing Sonnet pieces.

The most affordable gift in the collection is the quilt. The quilt is almost identical to a blanket. Instead of quilting it has a solid color cotton batting. This allows for it to serve as a stand-alone piece or decorate a nursery with. The design is also almost identical to that of a quilt and is easily stored in a large purse, wallet, or tote bag. Because it is made from a top quality material, it will last for years and is also machine washable.

The last main item in the collection is the chime. A chime is made of silk and can be found in an array of colors, including pink, purple, and blue. It is handmade by the same individual who makes the quilt. This makes it even more special since it is handcrafted by someone who truly cares about the recipient.

The beauty of the Memories Sonnet is that you can customize every quilt or chime that you order. If you want a specific color of the quilt, a specific style of border, or even a name printed on the product, the customer service is also available for your needs. Everything is done by hand, so you know that it will be exactly the way you want it when you receive it. These gifts are also available for women who love chiming jewelry. The beautiful silver chime is sure to make them smile. For these reasons, the Memories Sonnet Collection is an ideal choice for a gift or addition to a chime collection.

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