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Norpro Decorative Mug Warmers Review

The Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer is a practical and stylish way to keep your beverages warm while also keeping you cool. Great for everyday use in the house, office, dorm and traveling! The patented nonstick cooking surface keeps your beverage warm, thus you can leisurely take your time savoring your cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate and other hot drinks. Nonstick cooking surface measures 3.75 inches / 9.5 centimeters and easily wipes clean.

A Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer has an insulated exterior that keeps your beverages hot or cold for as long as you like. The insulated interior keeps the temperature controlled for optimum enjoyment. The auto shut-off lid prevents food and beverage from spilling all over the mug. It also prevents stains from setting in. The Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer plate has a snap-lock lid and is dishwasher safe. The Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer comes with a six-ounce serving tray for easy serving.

The Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer is available in two sizes. Regular-sized and mini-cups are available. The six ounces covers one standard size coffee mug and one larger size which hold eighteen ounces. Each coaster can hold four ounces of liquid. You can enjoy hot chocolate, tea, or coffee beverages from eighteen ounces to two quarts with this product.

I purchased the Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer thinking it was going to be just the ticket when it came to keeping my beverages hot until I got home from work. As a matter of fact, I had forgotten my mug until after I unzipped the box to find a small metallic strip with an indicator light inside. Then I remembered! The cup warmer did a great job keeping the temperature consistent even if I was at a coffee shop during the day.

The first time I used my Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer, I thought it did a good job keeping the coffee cup warm for several hours, but I did notice that sometimes the beverage would lose its “warmth” once the automatic shut-off valve closed. So, as a precaution, I opened the valve a few times before each use and every time after that. This did not affect the ability of the Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer to keep the beverage warm for longer periods of time.

Another great feature of the Norpro Decorative Coffee Warmer is that it is very easy to clean. The cleaning instructions are included in the box, and it is very easy to remove the magnetic plate from the top of the warmer and wash the decal with a detergent and warm water. It only needs about half a cup of water to clean this unit, and I really appreciate the ease of cleaning this unit. It comes with a removable plaque which allows you to clean the entire unit very easily.

The Norpro Decorative Cup and Tea Warmer are very stylish as it has an antique-looking design. I think this unit is great for anyone who likes to have their own style of cup warmer. If you want to be different and you are looking for a warmer that will give you your own personality, I recommend this warmer. I also think anyone who wants to be unique will love this product.

I also think anyone who loves to entertain will enjoy the Norpro Decorative Cup and Tea Warmer because of its innovative thermostat and automatic shut-off feature. This heating system uses a temperature sensor to determine the temperature of your beverages and then adjusts the warming temperature accordingly. It also has an auto shut-off feature, which saves you time by not needing to manually shut it off. I like that this unit keeps my beverages hot or cold for up to 20 minutes, depending on how warm they are when I brew them. Overall I like the Norpro Decorative Mug Warmers.

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