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Using VTech Alphabet Toys To Develop Your Baby’s Vocabulary

The VTech Alphabet Phone is an awesome cell phone for young children that keeps kids entertained. From birth to 18, kids learn with the VTech Alphabet Cell Phone. Play the popular Apple Music for Kids program with your children to listen to hundreds of favorite kid songs! With seven different modes of learning, varying levels of difficulty, and rechargeable batteries included, the VTech Alphabet Apple gives kids an ongoing, engaging, educational experience. Batteries not included.

Designed by VTech, this innovative learning phone gives kids a wide range of functions including in-built music features, lessons, games, activities and so much more. The VTech Alphabet Phone can be used to help kids learn a variety of topics including counting, numbers, the alphabet, colors, shapes, animals, etc. This phone enables kids to get acquainted with a variety of VTech products including phones, games, computers and printers. It also comes equipped with a VTech Learning Server to make learning fun.

The VTech Digixx Digital Camera and its accompanying Learning Zone software put kids in the driver’s seat with a whole range of fun activities designed to improve their learning skills in a fun and memorable way. Digixx lets kids explore the world of photography using fun, colorful and engaging visual lessons that are preloaded on the camera. In addition, the camera has a built-in memory card that stores lots of images that can be used later as learning tools. These lessons come with several learning options and are designed to teach colors, animals, shapes, numbers, time, English, math, science and more.

In the VTech Smartpen, kids can create their own writing words with pen-based learning technology that teaches kids how to spell words. Kids use an advanced writing recognition software pen to write down their words, phrases or sentences. Kids can also choose from a range of sounds to learn how to say things. Once they have written their letters, the Smartpen will then translate the sound to text. Kids can practice spelling words and phrases on the VTech Smartpen and, at the same time, learn to write them out on paper.

VTech is also introducing an interactive eBook – The Vtech Smartpen App, which gives kids the opportunity to learn about construction and creative learning while having fun. The program uses VTech learning cards that are available in three different shapes. They are triangular, circle or square in shape. The cards are placed on a computer screen and kids have to click on the corresponding picture to hear a sound effect that will explain the word being spoken. When kids touch the picture, the virtual construction paper will appear below the Vtech Smartpen. Kids can then explore the paper to learn various building blocks such as Lego, Meccano or Star Wars.

A variety of VTech learning toys and games are available at various online stores. These toys will help your child develop their vocabulary as they learn to spell their new found words. In addition to learning to spell their own names, they will also enjoy learning more about colors, animals, shapes and much more. So, if you want your children to be creative and have fun, why not introduce them to the world of innovative learning toys such as the Vtech Smartpen?

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