Save Now! Winco Wooden Muddler Lacquered Walnut. on sale

The Winco Wooden Muddler

Winco wooden muddler has the strength and durability to withstand any spill or accident and comes with an ornamental finish. The wooden muddler is durable enough to last through the test of time. With a lifetime guarantee, Winco guarantees that its products will not fail for even the thinnest of dust particles.

A dependable and trusted Winco product range from plain tabletop to wall-mounted wooden toddlers to commercial food preparation utensils that are used by hospitality and food service industry professionals around the world. High quality, durable product with a lifetime guarantee. All Winco muddlers are hand-crafted with top-quality materials that meet FDA & Good Manufacturing Practices standards. Their products have been designed for strength, sturdiness and long-lasting beauty.

In the manufacture of each wooden muddler, the wood is first sanded and then coated with melamine, a natural resin that gives the middle its resistance to moisture and stains. Melamine makes it ideal for use in making furniture, flooring, signs, and fencing as it can withstand both dry and wet weather conditions. When using melamine in the manufacture of murder, a fine sandpaper is applied on the surface of the wood to remove any excess resin. To increase the life of the wood muddler, the melamine coating is repeatedly rubbed onto the surface of the muddler until it becomes smooth and free of imperfections.

Lacquered walnut is a durable hardwood that suits a wide variety of applications from flooring and furniture to outdoor equipment and storage containers. It has a medium hardness, which means it is slightly more pliable than maple but is still very easy to work with. It is one of the most stable and affordable hardwoods in North America. The grain of the wood is straight with an extremely fine texture that allows for consistent and even finish.

There are several designs available in the Winco wooden muddler range. There is the Master Crafts Muddler that is suitable for the individual or family who wants to have a muddler for personal enjoyment. There is also the Master Crafts Muddler XL, which is a muddler in a larger size that can be used to cater for larger groups. This one also features a double plywood cover for added strength. If you want something bigger and more durable then the Grand Prix Wood Muddler is the perfect one for you.

Although a relatively expensive muddler, the Winco wooden muddler Lacquered Walnut is well worth the investment. Not only does it feature an attractive finish but it also provides durability as well as great quality. If you own a pet such as a dog or a cat then you can be sure the pet pine wood muddler will last for many years to come. However if you prefer to keep a more natural look than the other wood mudders such as the oak, pine and birch wood muddlers are ideal.

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