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Detecting Colon Cancer Symptoms in La Mesa, California

The LaMotte 43616 Coliform Test Kit is used by healthcare practitioners to diagnose potential problems in the gastrointestinal tract. It has a number of advantages over more traditional techniques used for such assessments, such as colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy. These include a shorter time for the patient to recover from surgery and fewer complications from anesthesia. This makes it one of the most popular types of testing used in specialized clinics and hospitals around the world.

A specialist will insert a flexible tube called a speculum into the rectum to collect samples of feces, urine or blood. After which, the specimen is sent through a tube to a lab where a computer can determine the contents of the sample using an image system. A special camera equipped camera allows the medical professional to identify any abnormalities in the stool, during the test. Once a positive diagnosis has been made, the appropriate laboratory tests can be used to determine the nature and cause of the condition.

One of the first tests used is the 24 hour Glutamic Acid Test. In this procedure, a sample of fecal matter is mixed with a glass of water. If a positive bacterial culture is detected, then this is confirmed and additional tests can be run. For example, if a white color appears in the water, this may be indicative of the presence of digestive enzymes. If a fishy odor is detected, then this may indicate the presence of heavy metals in the stool, such as mercury.

Next, special stoolsoscopes are used to examine the collected samples. A thin, clear tube is inserted into the anus for the technician to gently press against the inside of the anal wall, collecting the samples of stool. The tube is slowly withdrawn, allowing the technician to see the inside of the wall. For further analysis, small samples of stool are placed in a Petri dish. A colormascope is then used to examine the samples under a microscope.

Once all of the necessary tests have been conducted, a colonoscopy is performed. This type of examination is done on an outpatient basis, on patients in their home. During a colonoscopy, a large tube called a cannula is inserted into the anus. The surgeon then uses the cannula to collect samples of stool, which are then sent to the lab for further analysis.

A second type of test commonly used to detect colon cancer in the La Mesa area is the digital rectal exam (DRE). During this exam, a small camera attached to the end of a wand glides across the rectum to look for abnormalities. If the wand indicates the presence of a tumor or polyps, a doctor can then order further testing. Some medical professionals use a laparoscopic camera to conduct these tests.

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