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A Bumbo Floor Seat Could Be the Key Accessory to Your Dream Bedroom

When Bumbo launched the Baby Bidou MP3 player a few years back it was met with both praise and derision. The design was bold, the colors were brilliant and the sound quality was amongst the best in its class and many people thought that this was the way forward for musical gaming. Bumbo Floor Seat Cool Grey however did not live up to expectations and while the color is still fashionable it hasn’t managed to capture the hearts of gaming fanatics the way Bumbo did. Despite being one of the most popular colors in the range, the cool grey color has simply been too much of a disappointment for many people. So what went wrong?

The Bumbo Baby Bidou Floor Seat is designed as a reclining model which makes it ideal for relaxing. In fact the design permits you to lay your baby in bed whilst you play with the music players or even keep an eye on your baby as they sleep. With such versatility the Bumbo Floor Seat is extremely practical as well as stylish, but it doesn’t have the cutting-edge look of some of the other models on the market. For example the funky pink Bumbo Floor Seat that sat proudly on my kitchen table looked out of place next to my pretty white wooden parquet flooring. It just didn’t seem right.

The other issue with the Bumbo Floor Seat is the way it converts from a chair to a bench. When you put the two together, to me it seems a little awkward. However the designer who designed the original model, Mark Langan, solved this problem by providing two alternative styles of the Bumbo Seat. You can either buy the regular design which allows for a bench attachment or you can also buy the Bumbo Floor Seat with a canopy. For me I would have preferred the former as it allowed me to use my recliner at a more comfortable height and it made it easier for me to watch my baby as she slept. If you are planning on buying the original Bumbo Floor Seat, be warned that the design does allow you to lay the seat flat, making this item a poor choice if you have a round or oval room.

The original Bumbo Seat has since been redesigned to better suit those who have an oval or round room. The latest model features a new seat base with a contoured design, an improved back rest and a new canopy. Although the seat itself isn’t that different from the original, it is what the seat attachment does to the seat that is different. With the seat attached to the base it almost looks like it goes with the rest of your furniture. The added comfort and convenience are well worth the slightly higher price tag.

The cool grey shade that the Bumbo Floor Seat has also helped to add style to any room it is in. With so many neutral colours available including natural earth tones and the occasional bright floral there is no reason why the Bumbo Floor Seat couldn’t feature in any room. Its simple structure, strong construction and sleek design make it the ideal piece of furniture for a nursery or child’s room.

The Bumbo Floor Seat features the same hardwood frame and solid hardware as the original but with a smoother design and slightly different seat attachments. Although this upgrade has been made to improve the overall look of the product, it still retains that all important Bumbo comfort that has made this brand name so popular. With a lifetime guarantee that no one can beat, you can be sure that the Bumbo Floor Seat will satisfy you for many years to come. The comfort level is high and the design is modern enough to add to the interior of any home.

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