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Building Your Own Turbospoke Bicycle Exhaust System

The Turbospoke Bicycle Exhaust System produces 6 durable high-quality plastic cards, each producing a distinctive sound to help make your bicycle sound like a powerful motorcycle. The unique system attaches easily to larger bikes, usually larger than 14 inches with a simple clamp on the back. The card reader simply slides over the seat of the bike and pushes a button to lock in place. No batteries are required, and the Turbospoke Bicycle Exhaust System is designed to fit any bike, even those with older style dual exhaust pipes. Each card comes with a built-in sound card so you can customize your system with any kind of muffler or exhaust. There are endless customization possibilities with the Turbospoke Bicycle Exhaust System.

To install the Turbospoke Bicycle Exhaust System, loosen the nuts on the back of the bike. If your brakes have trouble staying tight, you may need to use an Allen wrench, but if your brakes are good, you can likely work them out on your own. Once loosened, remove the front wheel from the frame and set it aside, then slide the clamp over the rear tire and adjust the clamps to snugly around the rim. Tighten them again and put the back wheel back on the frame.

Use the same method to install the second style of clamp on the back of the rear wheel. This time, you will need an Allen wrench, and this time, you will also use some kind of tool to tap out the clamps. Put the front wheel on its side and hold the handlebars so you are looking down on the rear tire from above. Remove the front wheel and install the clamp and tap out the second style of clamp on the back side of the rear tire, making sure that they line up with each other and are level with the top tube of the megaphone exhaust system v2.

Put the front wheel back on its frame and bolt the front wheel in place. Once the rear tire is screwed on as well, adjust the clamps to snugly but safely hold the rear and then tighten them. Install the backside of the exhaust pipe by sliding it up over the front wheel and installing a pipe clamp. Slip the clamp over the pipe and then slide the pipe clamp back over the top tube of the megaphone. Tighten both clamps.

Install the gaskets. Place the gasket on the bottom and then install the clamps on either side. Tighten the clamps evenly. The gasket should sit right at the edge of the header area of the bicycle. Now put the rear wheel back on its frame and attach the rear wheel spool to the rear fender using the Allen wrench. This should make the turbo spoke or the speaker system pop like it did on a Harley Davidson.

Test fit your new system. If you hear a clicking or whining sound when the bicycle starts, or when the bicycle exhaust system sounds while you ride, then you need to replace the system. Also if you replace the system on your own without following the directions that are in the manual, you will likely damage the system beyond repair. Always follow the instructions carefully when installing any kind of muffler or exhaust system for your bicycle.

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