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Fishing in the High Sierra Loop

The High Sierra Loop Aquamarine/White/Ash watercress is a low ground aquamarine stream located between Mount Shasta and Greenville in Washington County. This is one of the most pristine creeks on the West Coast and offers clear, cool water with a gentle current for whitewater fishing. It meanders through rocky headwater streams that have fine gravel to aid the water flow and is not too deep.

This stream is perfect for fly-fishing, because it is shallow enough to allow you to cast your line through the cleft. However, most people fishing here prefer to use spinners or jerkbaits. You can find fish here year round. The natural colors of this watercress attract a variety of different species of fish. You will be pleasantly surprised!

One of the best things about the High Sierra Loop Aquamarine/White/Ash is that it is stocked regularly with both circles (previous year’s winners) and barracudas. This is a really healthy population, so you should not have any trouble attracting fish. The High Sierra Loop Aquamarine/White/Ash runs through four different streams, all of which are stocked regularly by different charter operators. You will want to make your reservations with one of them, so that you will know when the fish are biting. It’s very common to get a full day of fishing, if you catch the circles and barracudas.

The last two streams the High Sierra loops head over, are the Mountain River and Nez Percee streams. These are also places where you might find some big creeks being stocked. Both of these streams are home to some really nice fish. Depending on the season, you may get an abundance of rainbow runners or barracuda during the summer months, and pike during the fall.

The Mountain River runs through a portion of the Black Mountain Wilderness. If you prefer fishing in the wilderness, you will want to check out the spots that run through Black Mountain. These creeks are stocked regularly through March. The Nez Percee creek, which runs through the southwest portion of Georgia, is stocked throughout the month of April. Pike and trout can be caught anywhere along these two streams. If you are looking for pike, you can find them on the upper Nez Percee stream as well as the Nez Percee Loop, which are a smaller creek.

The High Sierra loop, while not offering much in the way of fish unless you happen to be trolling for barracuda, offers quite a few boat access points. Many guide services offer charter fishing trips out of the High Sierra Loop. The guides are well versed in their fishing and know the streams well. You can use your own boat, or hire one of several guides who will go out with you every time. The fee is reasonable and there are usually plenty of fishermen available to take you in and out of the water when you need it.

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