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Cressi Minigringo Black/Black Pareira

If you are looking for a great cigar, look no further than the Cressi MiniGringo. This is a Miniature Cuban cigars, which was made specifically for the connoisseur. It features a beautiful Habano Connecticut wrapper that has been decorated with a black chain and gold accents. The wrapper itself is dark-colored and showcases the Habano berries as well as other elements of the cigar. It is packaged in a Habano vintage-style box.

If you are someone who wants to smoke a Cigar with a bit more kick than the usual, this is definitely the cigar for you. While it doesn’t have a huge amount of nicotine, the flavor is very nice. Some would even say it is comparable to the difference between a regular cigar and a cigar humidor. A perfect smoke for after dinner.

The aroma from the Cressi MiniGringo Black/Black Pareira will draw you in and capture your senses. The aroma is rich with peppers and spices. There is even a bit of vanilla from the blend. It is definitely a cigar you want to be a part of. One you won’t want to put down anytime soon.

Once you light this great Cigar, you will immediately notice the spiciness of the Habano berries. With the dark coloring, you can easily see they have a lot of Habano berries in them. They produce a smoke that is very rich and smoky. If you are a fan of the darker Habano’s, then you will absolutely fall in love with the Cressi MiniGringo Black/Black Pareira.

If you are looking for a cigar with an interesting flavor, the Cressi MiniGringo Black/Black Pareira delivers. Some say it is mild, some say it is medium-hot. But whatever you decide, you will be completely satisfied by this cigar. The only problem is, you may not like all the cigars from the Cressi line. Some will simply bite your tongue.

You will just find out why people everywhere rave about the Cressi MiniGringo Black/Black Pareira. It is a cigar you should not miss. Order yours today and you will receive a humidor as well.

If you want to give a Cressi MiniGringo Black/Black Pareira as a gift to a Habanero fan you have been thinking about, this is the perfect gift. This beautiful humidor is perfect for storing your favorite Habanero’s. It has been constructed with an open cell construction. There are no shelves or drawers so this cigar can be stored out of harm’s way.

This is a perfect gift for a man that is serious about his Habanero collection. This is the perfect size to take along on a trip. A small humidor won’t interfere with your traveling plans. It also makes a perfect companion for your favorite Habanero smoker. It will keep your cigars at the perfect humidity level.

If you are a Habanero fan like myself, then the Cressi MiniGringo Black/Black Pareira is perfect for you. It is larger than most humidors and comes in a beautiful wood box. You will appreciate all the effort that went into the creation of this piece. The quality is impeccable and you will truly enjoy every last cigar. The price is reasonable enough so that you will not regret it.

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